Dear Layman Readers,

Here at LL, we practice and preach about the transformational power that legal knowledge possesses. However, we decide to add some fun features for you this time.  A “Did You Know” section provides you with fun legal facts.
One of the most fascinating features of law is its changing nature. In this month’s edition, we’ve tried our best to cross our existing boundaries and take risks only because it is imperative to explore and include new and unique ideas. This magazine is a forum for our budding lawyers, law students, litigators and people from non-legal professions!
We are extremely proud of the work that the Layman team put in here. Sometimes, perhaps the deadlines are short – in some instances even less than a week! Grateful for the enthusiasm of the team and the same is reflected throughout the magazine. We hope you enjoy it all the same.

Happy Reading!

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