Dear Reader,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Layman Litigation’s Magazine as we begin our October’s edition of the publication. This month’s edition brings about few changes.

While the core values of Layman Litigation remain the same, our next edition will be centering each individual print magazine around a theme. We hope you will still be our loyal readers and will welcome the changes to come; and are so thankful you are here reading now.

The derivation and purpose behind our name, “Layman”, is straightforward: “Layman” meaning simple language that anyone can understand. We are grounded in our work and more so when it comes to sharing our views, perspectives, with the world. Our mission is to be thoughtful and engaging, while also displaying the creative side of an article.

You can use our website “Layman Litigation” to read articles from our wide range of categories. Each category has covered wide range of interesting reads and you can find many such content across the web. As a publication entity, we do not advocate on any specific ideology, but we have set standards that we strive for.

Layman believes in creativity & change. It is only due to our team’s effort that the magazine has come to a reality and your constant support.

Happy Reading!

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