Dear Layman Readers,

Welcome to the November edition of Layman Litigation Magazine! Did you know that November was originally the ninth month in the Roman Calendar until January and February were added? “November” originates from the Latin term “novem” meaning nine.

At Layman, we consider writing as an experimental journey, this not only allows us to ensure we produce better work but also creative work. As such, we have extensive experience working in different positions in the media. A lot goes into creating a magazine, researching, editing, drafting, customizing, and proofreading. The process continues until we give our readers the best final product.

This month’s issue explores topics such as various legal systems and concepts, key human rights issues, social media, privacy and self-defense regulations are discussed and more. Layman’s team has always strived to be more action-oriented with a twist of proactive approach. We hope you continue to shower us with your support as you have always and have fun reading this month’s edition.

Happy Reading!
Regards Layman Litigation Team

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