Dear Readers,

Layman Litigation welcome’s you to this month’s edition. This time Layman decided to keep it simple and informative. Information that is useful in your personal and professional life. Especially for practitioners, budding lawyers, and law students. 

There is a lot of effort that goes into making Layman Magazine a great valuable resource. We decided to use simple language, to make it easy for our readers but also entertaining. We have also ensured to use straightforward language wherever probable.

At Layman we felt that this time, we needed to put out a general disclaimer, which we do incorporate in every other of our legal blogs. That is that you as a reader take nothing in this magazine to be legal advice. The information contained herein does not create an attorney/client relationship. The articles posted are intended for entertainment and general information purposes only. Laws vary on a state to state basis. Anyone seeking legal advice for a specific situation should consult a qualified lawyer or similarly qualified professional in the appropriate state.

Apart from this, we look forward to hearing a positive response, like we always have with your constant support. Thank you, fellow readers, without whom the success of this magazine would not be possible.

Happy Reading! 


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