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Welcome to Layman’s second edition of 2024! January had been amazing, 2024 is already rocking and has been truly a year of abundance of knowledge. This year’s edition covers vast topics from around the globe. But first, let us provide some more information on this op-ed.

You already know it takes 365 (1/4) days for Earth to revolve around the sun. A year is considered as (365) days only and ignore the additional six hours for the sake of convenience. Six hours saved every year are added to make one day (24 hours) over a span of four years. This additional day is added to the month of February. Therefore, every fourth year, February consists of 29 days instead of 28 days. This is a year of 366 days called a leap year. Thus, summing up why February is the first of five months not to have 31 days (the other four being April, June, September, and November) and the only one to have fewer than 30 days.

February derives its origin from the Latin term “Februarius” meaning purification due to the fact that a purification ritual was commonly observed on 15th of February (full moon) called as the “Februa”. Did you know? For a long time, February was considered as the last month on the calendar and as such it was not even reflected a month as originally for Roman’s winter was a month-less period. Ater the addition of December, February went on to become second in position on the Julian and Gregorian calendar.

Well, layman readers, we hope you enjoy this month’s edition, we have curated it with topics in which one can dwell on active discussion. Topics that make you question events that we are surrounded by, events from around the world. Layman Litigation platforms prides itself on being voice of the voiceless. Bringing you interesting topics and presented in a crisp, creative manner. We hope you enjoy this month’s edition as much as we did in creating it.

Happy Reading!
Layman Team

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