Dear Layman Readers,

The final edition of the Layman Litigation magazine is here. It’s December already! and what a fantastic year it’s been. We will all be soon celebrating Christmas and another rotation around the sun.

The magazine has grown so much over the years, new segments have been added, diverse topics discussed, fun facts, and current affairs from all around the globe. We are so grateful to know that you’ve been with us through thick and thin.

December is the best time of the year; you get to experience back-to-back holidays! December is derived from the Latin term “Decem” meaning ten because it was originally the tenth month on the calendar. Later, because January and February were added December became the twelfth and final month on the calendar and retained its name.

The motto of Layman Litigation has remained the same addressing some serious issues is the best way possible that is by maintaining simple crafting. At Layman, we celebrate differences and put together this year’s edition for you. And with that, 2023 coming to an end, we wish you the merriest everything, full of love and joy.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!



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