Welcome to our fourth edition! In every month’s edition, we have been briefing you on some interesting geographical facts. So, here is another interesting fact for you. April is the fourth month on the Julian as well as the Gregorian calendar as we very well know but did you know that April was also referred to as “Aperire” meaning “to open up” as many flowers and trees open during the April season. April was initially introduced as the second month on the Roman Calendar. It eventually was placed in the fourth position after twelve months was introduced by Julius Caesar! In his very own Julian Calendar.

There are various observances observed in April, one being, Autism Awareness Month, and Confederate History Month celebrated in different states like Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi Texas and Virginia. In addition to this, America also observes many unique ideologies in April such as Cancer Control Month, Financial Literacy Month, National Prevent Child Abuse Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month and so many more. Truth be told America celebrates something unique each month! For instance, National Pecan Month, National Florida Tomato Month, and even National Grilled Cheese Month are celebrated in April! Is it not fun learning Facts?

Let us get back to learning some fun legal facts. In this month’s edition, we decided not to stick to a particular category. Hence, we will be providing you with legal information from different unique categories such as agriculture law, property law, child actor laws and many more!

Our team has judiciously worked on these articles and creatively crafted them just for our readers. None of this would be possible without our dedicated and understanding colleagues, peer’s juniors, seniors, bosses, designer, marketing team, writer and the entire Layman Team who proofread the articles, fact-check it and present them to you in a magazine format, design the cover page and more work that is done behind the stage. We appreciate and are grateful to you all. Thank you everyone and…

Happy Reading!

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